Blogging or Nah?


I grabbed this blog name two years ago when we were PCSing and I thought I needed an outlet. Zero posts later I am back and truly need a space to talk about whatever. From military life, parenting, baking, and everything else I tend to get myself into. I find as I am growing older, ( 12092 days old if you must know), my circle of “friends” is getting smaller, and I never want to lay it all on them. We all have stuff to deal with, and ideas to explore. So while they are my closest confidants, you reading this will now become one as well. Welcome to the madness. (insert: evil laughter…but it’s gonna sound cute, make it sound cute in your head.)

I am in my sixth senior year of my Bachelor’s program. That shit is funny to say out loud. Yet, I am proud that I finally am almost there. ELEVEN years total in college. I think that’s good for staying married, adopting, pushing a kid out and surviving military life. I mean I am hydrated and my edges are intact, so that must mean something!

My ultimate goal is to get my Ph.D. Hubby, (who henceforth will be called by his football name: Rhino) only has 5 years left to serve Uncle Sam. I am actually beginning to stretch out and discover who and what I want to be. Everyone tells you that you should have it figured out long before your 12092 day, but I like to rebel against the man.

We are currently taking our 14 year old daughter (henceforth known as Miss Thang…speaks to our current situation) to therapy for Reactive Attachment Disorder, Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I will have a separate posting about therapy, because she makes me feel so many things on a daily basis….a lot of them negative. If you know anything about attachment disorders, you will be able to tell I am the main parent, and her constant punching bag. It makes being nice hard most days.

Then there is my six year old son, (you’ll know him as Smurf) that kid is the coolest six year old in Texas. I don’t know how he can stay so happy all the time, but it must have to do with the constant screaming he hears about trying to kill us with his Legos. He is a total mama’s boy and on the worst of days can drive you to fits of laughter.

So, I cannot promise that this blog will give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings. I can promise that it will be honest, and show you all the things I like to get myself into. So to answer the question, “Blogging or Nah?”, I’ll give the blogging a go.





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