Procrastination Levels at Maximum Overload


Seriously. Who has to leave tomorrow at 3:30 A.M. to catch a flight to Indianapolis? Who has not a real article of clothing professionally packed? Indeed. Tis I, your friendly neighborhood procrastinator. I have no clue why I am not packed.

Well actually I do. I am drained exhausted lazy tired y’all. So, a little background on what’s going on. I was selected as a fellow (whoop whoop!) for the MFRI Focus-Forward Fellowship (learn more about it here here! As a military spouse for the past 15 years, I consider it to be an honor to be selected and to spend this upcoming week getting to know other military affiliated women. I sincerely am excited to go. I have already checked-in to my flight, printed all the important information that was sent and mapped out the distance from the airport to the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Your girl is mentally ready.

That being said, I have no motivation to pack at this moment. I have washed the clothes, and a small percentage (.01%) are folded. This means that some effort has been made. But y’all look… look at these shenanigans. I’m too old to be doing this!


Packing for Professionals

So here I am still wasting time blogging about it. However, I feel like as a mom and just as a person, people assume that I have my life together 24-7. You are taught to give off that vibe as a military spouse and as a professional. I am the homeroom mom, student, employee, leader that will drop what they are doing to come tend to whatever needs tending. I manage a lot in a small space of time, and my mind is always going. So, packing seems like the chore that weighs down on me. I do not have time for this. Today is a therapy day for Miss Thang so I know I have to build myself up for impending drama, and Smurf needs all the attention before I go somewhere because he always has this notion that four days is a lifetime. (he is only six) When I have to do something for myself, I tend to get lost in everything else.

I will have this bag packed before 3:00 pm CST, and no one but you guys will know any better.

However, sometimes cuddles and funny faces are much more important than packing a bag.




Smurf and I luxuriating in the bed because… packing sucks. ❤



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